Tier 1 Membership: 5 classes per month for $49 – click here to purchase

Tier 2 Membership: 10 classes per month for $99 – click here to purchase

Tier memberships will be valid for all regular Yoga classes per month but will expire at the end of the month and there is no carryover.

6 Class passes: $72 – click here to purchase

8 Class passes: $96 – click here to purchase

Class passes are valid for all regular yoga classes and expire in 6 months.

Drop in class $14



YIN YOGA – Deeply meditative, the Yin practice incorporates very long held passive poses mainly on the lower half of the body to allow the connective tissues of the body to stretch and stimulate natural collagen.  You will feel very relaxed and flexibility will be deeply enhanced. 

ALL LEVELS POWER YOGA CLASS – For the yoga practitioner that likes to fee that they “got a good workout,” this class will get your heart rate up and may make you break a sweat while we use strength, power and movement to breathe and flow in a vinyasa style.

GENTLE/RESTORATIVE YOGA –  Journey into yoga by learning the basic postures, breathwork and relaxation techniques. This class will incorporate deep, restorative stretches and pose holds.. 

MORNING FLOW YOGA for STRENGTH- This is a perfect combination of a moving meditation and strengthening yoga class! You pick the challenge level, challenge yourself when you wish and back off when you need to.

TRAVELING WILLOW– Can’t make it to a class? No worries! We can come to you, private home parties, corporate events, senior living and any other space that can hold several people and their mats! Call 978-512-9403 for more info!

GLOW YOGA! Blacklight Party – Flex, Flow, dance and GLOW! This is a fun, party like class that will leave you feeling festive and restive!

LADIES NIGHT PRIVATE YOGA EVENT – Get a group of at least 6 friends and only pay $49 for the group for this private yoga event, custom tailored for your group! The more people you have, the less it costs per person! Perfect start to a night out, Bridal Shower, or Birthday! Call 978-512-9403 to get more info and to schedule your one of a kind class!